Arizona Department of Insurance

Third Party (Life/Health) Administrator Registration Portal

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Welcome! Use this portal to submit one of the following types of "packets":

  • An application and fee to register or renew a life and health (third-party) administrator ("TPA") in Arizona (see IMPORTANT note, below).
  • Updated registration information.
  • A report of an administrative action or administrative agreement cancellation.

IMPORTANT: When applying to register or to renew a TPA, you will need to complete three steps: (1) Upload documents, (2) pay the registration fee, and most importantly, (3) log back in with your Packet ID to submit your application. If you do not complete all three steps, the Department of Insurance will not receive your application.

If you already have a "Packet ID" use it here to login, upload documents, and make payments. If you haven't started an upload packet, click the "Get started" button below.

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If you do not already have an existing packet, click the "Get started" button.